Looking forward to tomorrow!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need your Help?

Scott will be riding again this year in the "tour de cure". Scott has diabetes, also has diabetes in his family. He has a great desire to help in any way he can to educate and support diabetes research. He has commited to ride 26 miles on June 13th, with his father, sister and many others for a cure. He is looking for any donations that can be spared every little bit helps.

Thanks for everything!

Please visit: http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR?pg=personal&fr_id=6894&px=4626564

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Mandy B said...

Seve, Hey, I know this is probably so random, I saw your husband's facebook page and got your blog site from that. I just wanted to see how and what you were doing these days and saw this post. I work at a pediatric endocrinologist in South Jordan and Ogden. I do the phlebotomy for Type 1 diabetes research. We take blood from 18 months to 45 years of family members of a diabetic. If you guys are interested in participating or know of people who are, we would greatly appreciate it! Here's the link to find out more.