Looking forward to tomorrow!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Tag

Okay so Traci tagged me, here goes

Name and meaning: Ethan - Firm will, and if you have ever met Ethan you know that this name fits him to a T.

Age: 22 months Every time we're at the grocery store he wants to look at the birthday cakes and tells me which one he wants

Nicknames: Pumpkin, Bug, Kiddo,

Favorite activities: SWINGING, reading, anything having to do with CARS.

Favorite foods: "Hot chololate nilk" not a misspelling that's how he says it

Least favorite foods: Anything he hasn't tried before, he hates trying new things. But really, hot cereal.

Favorite music: "Pocorn", "Itsy-Bitsy Spider", and the newest one- "Twinkle star Twinkle Twinkle little star Twinkle are, twinkle sky, twinkle twinkle star"

Favorite toys: Anything David is playing with. Cars, balls, and anything that makes noise, especially alot of it!

Favorite book: Cars, Mommy's picture book of David and Caleb, and if you ask him what he's looking at he very clearly tells you he's reading

Favorite item of clothing: Nothing, if he can get away he will.

What makes him happy: Huggas, daddy coming home from work, big papa

What makes him sad: When he doesn't get his own way, when mommy has spent to much time with David

I tag:
Melissa and Reed
Traci and Lynnie
Lehilina and Alegria
Anna and Olivia

Name and meaning: David- Beloved

Age: 4 months but really 2 1/2

Nicknames: Pumpkin pie, Dabido, Dave,

Favorite activities: Snuggling with Daddy

Favorite foods: mommy's milk, His bottle, he's not so fond of having to work that hard with a spoon

Least favorite foods: Anything on a spoon

Favorite music: Mommy singing - My little dog

Favorite toys: Anything Ethan will share.

Favorite book: Pictures

Favorite item of clothing: anything snuggly and soft

What makes him happy: Smiles and being talked to

What makes him sad: Being alone


Anna said...

Ha ha. The other day when I watched Ethan, twice his clothes were coming off. I'd be in the other room and he'd walk into the room I was in and his clothes were coming off. He didn't seem to be bothered in the least about it.

Candi said...

Hope you are doing okay! I think of you often. Please update if you get a chance!!